If you take windsurfing serious, then …

Sola is the place to go next weekend, June 8th, 9th!!!

Its the place where you will meet the best formula windsurfer of Norway and beyond!

The Sola NC is known to be the place where you are so close to the action that you can even talk to those guys, discuss equipment and tuning and get priceless advice for your own windsurfing.

Sola beach, just in front of the Sola Strand Hotel is one of the nicest beaches of all Norway.

We will set up a course with the finish line close to the beach.

Look at the weather forecast. It is like perfect for Formula Racing and spending a nice day at the beach with the family.

We will keep you updated about when the Regatta Chief will start the races.


Image taken from http://www.windfinder.com/forecast/stavanger_sola


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