2010 Nordic Championships



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Notice of Race


 2010 Nordic Championships



  • Formula windsurfing. 
  • Raceboard.
  •  BIC 293.
  •  Kona One Design Class


Sola (Stavanger) Norway 13-15 August



1.1 The Championships will be held from Friday 13th August to sunday 15th August 2010.

1.2 This Championship is Level no. 2 Event factor : 1.

1.3 Event/info. email: nordicsola@hotmail.no



2.1 The Championships will be organized by Sola Brettseilerforening( www.SBF.no) for and on behalf of, Scandinavian Sailing Federation 



3.1 The event will be based at Sola beach, Sola, Rogaland, Norway.

3.2 Sola Beach is situated 15m from Stavanger airport and 15 km from Stavanger city.

3.3 Conditions to be expected – winds 10-25 knots, water temperature 16-21 C, air temperature 17-27 C, waves normally 0-30 cm in august .

3.4 If the Racing jury find the Conditions to be to heavy for Junior racers, it will be a split and junior racing will be moved (1km)  to a near by fjord (Hafrsfjord) on a day by day basis.



4.1 This is an IWA sanctioned event governed by:

4.1.1 The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing – Windsurfing Competition Rules (WCR);

4.1.2 The Class Rules . (Note for Bic 293 OD in 10.5)

4.1.3 Rules for Nordic Championships of 20.10.2007 (http://www.svensksegling.se/ScandinavianSailing/NordicChampionships/

4.1.4 No National Authority prescriptions will apply.

4.2 If there is a conflict between the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions (SI’s), the SI’s shall take precedence.

4.3 If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.



5.1 ISAF Regulation 20 – Advertising Code – shall apply.

5.2 Competitors may be required to carry advertising for event sponsors – both on their sails, and on a lycra vest if supplied by the organiser.



6.1 All entries shall meet the requirements of ISAF Regulation 19 – Eligibility Code.

6.2 Competitors shall be members of a National Class Association.

6.3 Membership formalities can be completed on site.

6.4 Entries shall be online via website: www.sbf.no

6.5 Competitors shall provide the following documentation prior to completing registration formalities on site:

– Proof of Entry Fee payment

– Evidence of valid third party insurance

– Proof of age

– Parental/legal Guardian Assent – for those under age of 18

– Medical Treatment Permission – for those under age of 18 or on their parents medical insurance policy

6.6 Coaches and team support personnel shall provide the following documentation prior to completing registration formalities on site:

– Boat Driving Licence (if applicable)

– Evidence of valid third party insurance

  7. FEES
7.1 The Entry Fee is as follows: NOK 700 paid by July 16th 2010.
7.2 Entry after 16th July, only cash on site NOK 800.
7.4 Bank transfers shall be in the name of : Nordic Championship Sola, and your sail number and be sent to:
7.5 Banquet (included in the entry fee for competitors), coaches, family… NOK 150.
Account Name: Sola Brettseilerforening, PO Boks 96, 4097 Sola, Norway
Bank Details: Sparebank1 Sr-Bank, 4056 Stavanger, Norway SWIFTBIC: SPRONO22
IBAN: NO4032061383130
(I Norge brukes IBAN nummer som kontonummer minus: NO40)

8.1.1 The Championship shall be a "open entry" event.
8.1.2 There may be separate prizes for U-13,U-15, Junior, Youth, Senior, Master,G-master, Women and Lightweight Men’s divisions.
8.1.3 Men and women may race separately, depending on entry numbers.
8.1.4 The maximum "fleet size" shall be 100.
8.1.5 It will be 3 starting fleets.
8.1.6 One fleet is Formula Windsurfing.
8.1.7 One fleet is Raceboard and Kona from youth and older
8.1.8 One fleet is Raceboard Junior, Kona junior and BiC T293.
8.2.1 A competitor must have reached the minimum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2009.
8.2.2 A competitor must not be older than the maximum age limit, in the relevant division, by Dec. 31st 2010.
8.2.3 Junior (C) is a boy or girl who is less than 17
years old.
8.2.4 A Youth (D) shall be under the age of 20.
8.2.4 A Master (F) is a man who has reached the age of 35 or for a woman, 30 .
8.3. Classes
8.3.1 Formula windsurfing, FE can also compete but under Formulawindsurfing rules.
8.3.2 Raceboard is 320(hybrid) and 380.
8.3.3 BIC T-293
8.3.4 Kona, a limited number of charter boards will be available.
9.1 Event Schedule
Thursday 12.08.2010
19.00hrs-22.00hrs Registration
Friday 13.08.2010
09.00hrs-11.00hrs Registration
11.00hrs Skippers Meeting
12.00hrs Racing
Saturday 14.08.2010
10.00hrs Skippers Meeting
11.00hrs Racing

19.00hrs Banquet.
Sunday 15.08.2010
10.00hrs Skippers Meeting
11.00hrs Racing
16.00hrs Last possible warning signal
17.00hrs (tentiatively) Price Ceremony
9.2 The scheduled time of the warning signal for the first race each day is 11.00hrs, except the first day at 12.00hrs.
9.3 The racing schedule may be altered, and is governed by the SI’s.
10.1 It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure that his/her board and equipment conforms to its Class Rules, and an Equipment Registration Form is returned to the race office during registration.
10.2 Equipment checks may be made throughout the event.
10.3 Competitors shall bring their own equipment.
10.4 For the Kona One Design class, a limited amount of charter equipment will be available, you can only book the gear at  http://aktivitet.srfsnosk8.no, other inquiries email:  kona@srfsnosk8.no
10.5 Note for Bic 293 OD: The biggest sail to be Bic one design. Sail no. 2 of another brand is permitted, but rig components may not have higher carbon content than according to class rules, and sail no. 2 may have maximum 2 camber inducers.
11.1 The ‘Championship SIs’ will be available at registration.
12.1 Courses shall be as prescribed in the Sailing Instructions or will be posted on the official notice board on the day of racing.
14.1 Scoring will be in accordance with WCR Appendix A using the "Low Points Scoring System."
15.1 Please note that each competitor has his/her own responsibility of storing and safekeeping of his/her equipment during the regatta.(Sola is normally a safe place with very low crime rate)
17.1 Medals shall be awarded in each class/division that constitutes an approved Nordic Championship. (Limitations apply ref 4.1.3)
17.2 Medals/trophees shall be awarded to the first three competitors, in each class/division.
17.3 The first man and woman in the championship, shall be known as the Nordic Champion.
18.1 If personal buoyancy is prescribed every competitor and support boat crewmember shall wear, above the waist, a personal flotation device that shall conform to the minimum standard of ISO 12402-5 (level 50)
18.2 Personal buoyancy is mandatory for all competitors.
19.1 Competitors take part in all races at their own risk. The organiser, SBF, NBK or any of their officials or representatives or any sponsors or their officials or representatives are not responsible, under any circumstances, for any damage, loss or injury either ashore or on the water either to persons or equipment, which may result.
19.2 Participation in this event, supporting events and in each race in them is at the sole discretion of the sailor and at his/her own risk. Notice is drawn to RRS 4.
20.1 Competitors shall possess valid third party liability insurance with a minimum cover of 300,000 Euro.
21.1 In registering for the event, competitors automatically grant to the Organising Authority the right in perpetuity to make, use and show from time to time at their discretion, any motion pictures, still pictures and live, taped or filmed television and other reproduction of them, taken during the period of the event, for the said Championship as defined in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions in which he/she participates without compensation.

A wide range of accommodation is available in Stavanger/Sola area. The most convenient ones are listed below:

24.1 Air :The race site is situated 2 min. drive from the Stavanger Airport Sola (international airport).
24.2 Ships from Denmark, it is many ships to choice (prize from 25-250€):

· Fastest is Hirtshals- Kristiansand and then 2,5 hours by car to Sola. http://www.colorline.com 3,15 hour sailing and http://fjordline.no 2,15 hour sailing.

· Most relaxing? Hirtshals – Stavanger(Sola) and then 5 min. drive. http://fjordline.no 12 hour sailing.
24.3 From south Sweden:
· Ship from Strømstad to Sandefjord and 5,5 -6 hour by car to Sola.
 http://www.colorline.com 2,5 hour sailing.
· By car to Moss, ferry from Moss to Horten and then 6-6,5 hour drive to Sola.
It is to main driving routes to choice:
· E-18 to Kristiansand and then E-39 to Sola.( 5,5-6 hour from Sandefjord and 6-6,5 hour from Horten)
· The next rout prefer that u have an GPS or map, it is in some parts a narrow road that include 180 degrees turns and very steep hills at the same time. It can be the fastest route but prefer active driving, it is in some parts sheep’s in the road and watch out for Elg in the morning and evening. Waypoints is: Seljord-Dalen- Valle(setersdalen)-brokke/ Suleskar- Sirdal- Sola.
24.4 From places north and east of Oslo, Norwegian roads is mostly at bad standard narrow, bumpy, speed limits 50-60-70 at some main Norwegian roads. The fastest drive is in Sweden and then cross the border and go to Oslo, from Oslo u have then same 2 choice’s in Norway as driving from south Sweden (24,3 part 2)

25 Stay for some more days?  30 min. drive from Sola is the beginning of Lysefjorden, it is an easy accessible Norwegian Fjord that u shouldn’t miss if u have the time. Prekstolen  and Kjærag is in Lysefjorden.



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