Lån av utstyr

Rules for Renting Boards from the Brown Hut at Liapynten

The rules apply for members only! Non members need to become a member of the SBF club first.

There are three boards and three rigs available:


  1. Starboard Start
  2. Starboard Start
  3. Starboard GO


  1. 3.0 m2
  2. 5.0 m2
  3. 5.0 m2
  4. 6.5 m2

Neopren wet suits, shoes and life vest can be borrowed at SrfSnoSk8 (which is located in Stavanger center)

How to Order

Make a reservation for the equipment on the SBF web page. Prerequisite is that you (are a member, see above) have an account on the site.

Reservations can be made as much as the calender application allows you. Please respect other people’s reservations!

Location of the Equipment

The equipment is stored in the club’s brown hut at Liapynten, Hafrsfjord(between “Sverd i fjell” and “Grannesbukta”):

Brown Hut

A live image of the area can be viewed on our site too!

The rental equipment is located directly at the door. Please respect that the rest of the equipment in the hut is private and should not be used by other people than the owner!

How to access the Hut

The Hut is equipped with a key locker just left of the door which is secured by a 4 digit number combination. Upon reservation of equipment you will be sent the number to the key locker. The number may change spontaneously, so be sure that you have the current version available when you get there. If you did not get the mail in time or it contained the wrong code you may call 47707662.

Please keep the door to the hut locked and the number combination random whenever you are not directly at the hut. Unfortunately things have been stolen from the hut already. So please be careful.

Especially when leaving the site make sure that:

  1. The door is locked
  2. The key is secured in the box
  3. The number combination shows random numbers and is covered against the rain

How to use the Equipment

  1. The masts should all time remain in the sails with mast foot and power joint attached.
  2. When starting to sail you should only need to attach the boom (black boom to the 3 m2, red boom to the 5 m2 and the back/gold boom for the 6.5 m2 sail)
  3. Finns should only be attached to boards when sailing. The fins are on the cup board (top) opposite to the Boards or attached to one of the foot straps of the board.
  4. If you need instructions on how to assemble then please visit one of the clubs courses or the Monday’s training before.

Some Safety Recommendations

Hafrsfjord is a rather safe place for windsurfing. There are no under water rocks or any unpredictable currents around Liapynten. Still in addition to the regular safety precautions, like that you are a good swimmer and always tell a reliable person where you go, there are a few things to consider. In fact these are the same things anybody who would go swimming here should follow:

  1. Have the right cloth for the temperature, even gloves might be a good idea
  2. Check the weather forecast! Being out on Hafrsfjord during a thunderstorm with a rig in your hands can become “enlightening” in a way you do not prefer it.
  3. Never leave the board! If you need to get back to shore quickly then separate board and sail and may be leave the sail behind, but never the board. It is the best floating device you may have available on the water.
  4. It sometimes happens on Hafrsfjord that the wind picks up quite fast and strong (this usually comes with some rain showers). If this happens, don’t panic. Usually the wind comes down as quickly as it picked up after the rain shower. The rig in the water serves as as a drift anchor.
  5. Do not try to paddle against strong wind or waves beyond your strength. It is much easier to go with the wind even when the distance to shore might be much bigger. There is a nice walking path around the fjord which brings you back to Liapynten. Be assured that you won’t be the first one to walk along there in a wet suit.

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